About Me

Hi! my name is Mobin,26, but my friends can call me YaheL instead, I like to watch high rated IMDB series, for now, I have just Playing Videogames [ Fps games ofc ] since 2008, also I make and design WordPress websites beside gaming



Moderating at Gamemaniacs.ir

2 years after dl4pc.com , my friends and I launched a website for upcoming games and troubleshooting people’s problems but again(!) they blocked our website in Iran and ruined our progress, so I QUIT!

2013 - 2015

Changing the domain to dl4pc.com

After filtering Mobinigi.com I Decided to change the domain to dl4pc.com this time, the website worked better at viewership, when we reached the Top1000 Alexa rank in IRAN, They Filter our website in Iran AGAIN

2010 - 2013

Have made my first weblog & website!

In 2010 after searching for a solution and found nothing in Persian websites, I made my first weblog and started helping people like me but in the Farsi
after 2 years, I changed my weblog into a WordPress website! Beginning of mobinigi.com



Bachelor of computer engineering


Photoshop 35%
WordPress 85%
CSGO 100%
Warzone 90%
PUBG [ PC ] 70%